5 Common Carpet cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is the best way to keep dirt and dust away in Auckland. However, letting a professional carpet cleaning company near you clean the carpet at least two times a year is highly recommended.


Because it’s only through proper cleaning and maintenance that you can extend the lifeline of your carpets, and also help it withstand wear and tear after years of use. But even so, homeowners still want to muddle and clean the carpets on their own. What they do not know is that they could be destroying their carpets every time they attempt to clean it.

Here are five common carpet cleaning mistakes that most homeowners make, and how to avoid them:

Ignoring stains

It’s not uncommon for a drink to spill on the carpet, and when it does, it can leave behind a stain. The best way to ensure that the stain does not stick is to clean it immediately. Most homeowners often procrastinate removing the stain because they are too busy, or they are not sure what to do, and that’s perhaps the biggest mistake one can make. Cleaning the stain immediately prevents it from setting in too deeply and spoiling the look of the carpet. Besides, when the stain is still fresh, one doesn’t have to use too much pressure or heavy chemicals to clean it.

Choosing to DIY

DIY can be a great option if one has the carpet cleaning experience; otherwise, it is best to work with a professional carpet cleaner, like KLEVER Carpet Cleaning. Expert cleaners have the right equipment, experience, knowledge, products, and passion for cleaning the carpets. They will get rid of any dirt, mud, food, and stains from the carpet, and leave it sparkling clean. DIY solutions can ruin the carpet’s condition, and make it worse than before; and without the right equipment and product, one can affect their health and that of their loved ones.

Cleaning before vacuuming

Vacuuming before cleaning is essential, as it helps loosen the debris, grime, and dirt stuck in the lower layers of the carpet. It helps make the cleaning task easier and also thorough. Vacuuming is extremely crucial for high traffic areas like walkways and entrances.

Using the wrong stain removal product

The market presents an incredible selection of carpet cleaning products, which makes it hard for a layperson to select the right one. The internet also offers a tone of advice regarding the best “natural” products for stain cleaning. Unfortunately, most of these solutions will only do more harm than good. For the best advice, one can check what the carpet manufacturer recommends – either by calling their customer support or browsing their website for the recommendation. Better yet, they can leave it to professional carpet cleaners in Auckland.

Using carpet cleaning products before testing them

Many homeowners tend to skip the “testing” part before they start cleaning their carpets, and this is a big mistake. Even the most qualified carpet cleaning professionals, like KLEVER, test the cleaning products first before they start cleaning. Products vary; besides, carpets are designed from different fibers. As such, there are high chances that a particular product may not be suitable for a carpet type.

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