5 Reasons to Move to South Dakota

It’s time for a change and you are ready to move anywhere but where you currently live. Maybe you’ve lost your job or are looking for a totally new lifestyle. For whatever reason (and of course you have at least one!) you are looking for somewhere to move. Oddly, one of the states you probably haven’t considered is South Dakota. Most people looking for a new life don’t automatically think of the Dakotas, but there are several good reasons South Dakota would be a good choice. Here are just five of those very good reasons.

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1. This Is Where You Will Find Affordable Rents

If you were to measure the cost of renting an apartment in South Dakota alongside the cost of renting in other cities of comparable size, you’d see that living in South Dakota is far less expensive. For example, you can find a luxurious 1 bedroom apartment is Sioux Fall (pop. 174,360) for under $700 a month while an apartment rental in Port St. Lucie, FL of equal size, age and amenities is well over $1,100 a month. Why move to South Dakota? Why, the cost of living index, of course!

2. South Dakotans Are Proud of Low State Taxes

Speaking of a low cost of living index, South Dakotans are proud of the fact that the government doesn’t rape and pillage them over taxes. There is no state income tax in South Dakota so the only people reaching into your hard-earned money are the feds, but they’ll be there no matter where you live. At least in South Dakota you won’t be building a new governor’s mansion any time soon with money from state payroll taxes. There are none!

3. Great Food You Will Only Find on the South Side

This is one of the only places on earth where you’ll find Chislic which is seasoned meat squares of any kind from beef to bison to elk. These are seasoned, grilled to perfection on a stick and served with crackers. Chislic is generally an appetizer or a beer-drinking companion, but it is South Dakota’s pride and joy.

4. South Dakota Is Known for Its Small-Town Friendliness

Whether seeking an apartment in a city the size of Sioux Falls or in some smaller community, you will find that small town friendliness is dominant wherever you go. Most people who are ready for a change are trying to distance themselves from the noise of hectic cities, so South Dakota offers the quiet enjoyment any tenant or property owner deserves.

5. A Place Where History Was Made and Still in the Making

Yes, South Dakota is where you’ll find the famed Mt. Rushmore monument but a new one is also in the making. Although started way back in 1948 and yet to be finished, the Crazy Horse Memorial is still a large draw. Tourists from around the world come to see this partially carved piece of art which is only being held up because of lack of funding. That will come in time, South Dakotans are optimistic!

Now that you’ve found plenty of very good reasons to move to South Dakota, it’s time to call the movers, pack the car and head on out where you’ll be happy to spend the rest of your life. We South Dakotans love our state so much we are sure you will too!

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