5 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Gutters

House chores are never really something that we look forward to, but they need to be taken care of nonetheless. In case you have been putting off your gutter cleaning sessions, here are five reasons as to why uncleaned gutters can be more trouble than one might think.

Your Roof May Begin to Rot

If you neglect the cleaning duties long enough, your gutters will inevitably clog up with leaves, dirt and other debris. After a certain time, this will stop the water from draining off your roof, which would lead to flooding. Since stagnant water can rot the roof pretty quickly, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine why it’s a bad idea for your roof to have a dirty clogged gutter.

Bird Nests

The gutters could become home to birds and while we don’t usually mind that in the garden, it can be a problem on the roof because whenever you decide to clean it, you will have to remove the nest. If she has already laid eggs and the nest has baby birds in it, that’s going to pose a whole new set of problems as it’s immoral and illegal at the same time! To avoid having to uproot entire avian families, clean your gutters regularly.

Pest Haven

The last thing you would want is for your gutters to be infested with ants, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and even termites. Mushy, leafy and damp places are ideal for bugs to live in, and if you leave the gutters uncleaned for too long, they will multiply and calling pest control would be your only hope of getting rid of them.

Your Garden Might Suffer

If for some reason, you have let your gutters go uncleaned for so long that in addition to having stagnant water, the roof has actually started overflowing onto the garden bed, it’s bad news for the garden too. The section of the garden which is being overwatered continuously will begin to rot, and if you have plants there, they may die out.

Cracking the House Open

This is probably the last thing that would want to happen to your house, but it’s true that the stagnant water from a clogged gutter can eventually crack the foundation of your home during the winter. As it’s common for the water to pool along the house’s foundation when your roof starts overflowing, that same pooled water will freeze and crack the foundation if the temperature drops below freezing point.

If the job is too tough for you, search on Google for “gutter cleaning near me”. There are gutter cleaning services all over the US, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a professional willing to clean out your gutters before your property sustains serious damage.

Now that you know how important it is to clean your gutters, we have some good news for you too. Instead of spending your limited spare time and the weekends on cleaning dirty gutters, book a service with a professional gutter cleaning company and you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

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