6 Gift Ideas for New Homebuyers

An intoxicating joy often surrounds a new homeowner because buying a home is a long process that involves months, sometimes years, of visiting homes, saving money, securing a loan, and weighing options. It also involves you and your clients forming a bond, which is why you want to honor this monumental occasion, and show gratitude and appreciation.


You are happy for their new purchase, and you want to make this major milestone even more memorable with a small present. Here are some ideas on how to help a new homeowner celebrate a close.


Throw A Housewarming Party


Provide the food, drinks, and music. You can make the party a surprise–find a way to invite their closest friends and family without them knowing–or offer to throw them one once they move into their new place. Not only is this a thoughtful, inexpensive, and fun way to celebrate their new home, but it is also a great way to market yourself to new potential clients. Do not make the entire night all about marketing your services, but carry some business cards to be prepared for any opportunity.


Something Customizable


The easiest option is to purchase a sign that says ‘Welcome to…home,’ and then have their names engraved on it. It will make the home officially feel like their property, and add a sentimental touch to your present. Some of our other possible engraved gift options are cups, blankets, dishes, plaques, and wall decor.


Gifts Highlighting the Home


Commission a local artist to draw or paint a picture of the home. Once you get the final product, frame it and gift it. It could hang on their wall as a symbol of their home buying journey. Check Etsy or a business directory for a listing of nearby artists. Conduct a few quick interviews to make sure that he paints in the style that you want, finishes work on time, and has overall positive customer reviews.


Hire a photographer or take your own pictures of the home. Get a series of images of the interior and exterior, and the final furnished home. Then create a photo album. Leave many of the pages blank so that the new homeowners can add pictures as they make more memories in it.




Order or bake a congratulations cake. Serve the pastry on the closing day. Add a little customization by paying for their names to be written on it, or purchase a house themed cake. If your homeowners don’t eat cake, give them a goodie basket filled with items that they do eat.


Another option is to take the new homeowners out for a celebratory dinner.


A Hobby Based Gift


If you have gotten really familiar with your clients, then buy something based on their hobbies. Maybe the couple are huge fans of cigars. Grab a discount code, and buy them some premium cigars from JR Cigars. If they love gardening, pick them up some seeds, pots, and mulch to go with their garden. If they’re huge movie fans, buy them a couple months subscription to Hulu Plus, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or buy them a gift card to a local theater.


A Drink


Buy a bottle of wine, pour a couple of glasses, and toast to the new homeowners.

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