An Introduction to National Lawn Care Month

Just about everyone living in suburban areas has their own lawn. It happens to be something that has become one of the most characteristic features of living away from the big city.

Regardless of where you may be living, you will have come across plenty of houses having their own lawns and grassy patches. Then again, it isn’t entirely a ‘suburban thing’ either. Although cities are often criticized as being nothing more than ‘concrete jungles’, not all areas of the city happen to be patched up to the last square feet with cement.

On the contrary, one can find plenty of places in urbanized areas where there are at least a few patches of grass here and there. The same is also true of people who live in apartments or high-rises that are increasingly becoming ‘green’ by creating little grassy patches wherever space may allow.

To many people, it may seem rather strange when they observe our desire for grassy lawns and green patches. While it may seem to be the case at face value to a lot of people, it isn’t the case at all if you take a deeper look at it.

The reason for this is because of our ancient origins. Humans didn’t randomly emerge in a concrete city that was up and running for them to begin with. The reality is that we came from nature and this earthly origin of our species shows itself in the smallest of things that we look forward to and appreciate in our everyday lives; be it looking at a bird sitting on a tree or getting our thumbs green. In very simple terms, you could say that this is our instinctual way of staying close to nature, from which we came.

Coming to lawns in general, you could say that lawns are our way of reclaiming a connection to nature and expressing our desire to distance ourselves from the artificiality of our environment as much as possible.

This yearning has, in turn, led to a multi-billion dollar lawn-care industry, which is growing at a steady pace with each passing year. Lawn care, which encompasses everything from the grasses themselves to the implements, chemicals, and what is not required to keeping it in good condition, happen to be an excellent business opportunity because of the demand that exists in the current marketplace.

As with anything in life, lawns too require routine maintenance in order to ensure that they are in their optimal condition. In fact, the fact that you are dealing with something that is alive makes it all the more important that people pay attention to regularly maintaining them.

It is here that the concept of ‘National Lawn Care Month’ comes into the picture. It is not really that hard to understand what the whole thing is about. It is exactly what it sounds like; which is to say that it is a way of raising awareness among the people about the importance of how to care about their lawns.

National Lawn Care Month’ is in very simple terms a way of helping people understand the benefits of having a lawn, caring for it, raising awareness on the many ways their lawns can be maintained and so on. The month of its celebration happens to be in April, which is very interesting considering that in the temperate countries and regions of the world where it snows during the winter, this happens to be spring and nature is in full bloom.

The timing of the event with it being spring is not something that is coincidental in any way. On the contrary, it is a very clever and strategic way of helping people to understand the concept in a way that can be augmented by natural changes that occur every single year.

It should be added here that the event is not something that should be considered an exclusive thing to the temperate areas of the world alone. While it is true that the spring season doesn’t exist in other parts of the world, you can still enjoy celebrating National Lawn Care Month in your own way even if you happen to be living in a tropical region of the world where it is ‘technically’ spring year-round.

So just how can people celebrate National Lawn Care Month?

There are a lot of different ways that one can go about doing this. Given below are some of the important ways that you can participate in the event:

  • Start your own little patch of grass regardless of how small it may be.
  • Understand the importance of watering them at regular intervals, including the appropriate time when it can be done. It is a good idea to water lawns at early morning or evening while avoiding the afternoons entirely. This is because doing so will help to greatly minimize water loss due to evaporation.
  • Choosing grass varieties that aren’t water intensive can greatly help if you are living in an area experiencing water scarcity.
  • Learn about the many different varieties of grass currently available in the market and the ones that are ideally suited for your requirement.
  • Know that you are always better off with native species of grass rather than exotic ones. The reason is that they are usually better suited to the local environment as compared to the ones that have been brought from elsewhere.
  • Understand the proper use of chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, etc.
  • Find out the best lawn mower in your market based on efficiency, ratings, and general comfort of use. This will go a long way when it comes to helping keep the lawn appealing and trim.
  • Create a time schedule for routine maintenance regardless of how busy you are to ensure that your lawn is kept orderly and appealing.
  • If you are unable to dedicate time for taking care of the lawn, find out the closest lawn care services and outsource the work to them. They aren’t always cheap but it is all worth it if time is of your utmost concern.
  • Tell others about National Lawn Care Month and help them to embrace and celebrate the same.

In all, it can be said that National Lawn Care Month is a great way of caring for our little patches of nature.

In an age where people are living life with little time to spare, this is a great way of helping to raise awareness among the masses not just about lawn care, but about nature and the earth itself.

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