How to transform your garage into a workshop

A concrete garage can provide you with the perfect opportunity to turn a hobby into a money maker. If you have a personal side project like renovating a car or would like to charge for your services, a garage has very little overhead costs which means you can do it for cheap. Garages and sheds manufactured by Dencroft Garages are commonly converted into workshops for the many advantages they provide.

One of the advantages of using a concrete garage as a workshop is the very fact that it is secluded from your house. You are given a lot more freedom to work in a garage that you wouldn’t be able to in your house. For example, there might be lots of heavy machinery or power tools that would be too unsafe and hazardous to have in the house. Also, a biproduct of working in a mechanical or craftsman capacity is lots of mess like sawdust or loud noises that would irritate the family.

Here are some top tips in how to transform your concrete garage into a workshop:

Set out your workbench
Concrete garages are a large open space that can be customised to however you want. This means that you can choose to arrange the interior to help you work more efficiently. One suggestion therefore might e to have a large workbench spanning the entire length f the wall, preferably a side with a window to use the natural light. If you have prepared well enough, you may have already designed the layout or the interior before you contact a garage manufacturer. This will allow you to specify the dimension of your concrete garage before it is constructed.

Use an air dehumidifier
Don’t forget to consider the health and safety aspects while you will be working inside a relatively small and confined space. It is likely that if you are using electric saw or welding tools then the room can fill up with harmful biproducts like sawdust or fumes. Consider investing in an air dehumidifier to help make the air you’re breathing less harmful; if you have a window, great, but this can often not be enough.

Use hooks

Hooks are a simple but incredibly useful tool that any workshop should try and incorporate into its design. Hooks allow you to maximise the full potential of the space in your garage and use all of the walls to your advantage. You can place all of your tools and saws across your wall to allow for easy access and a more productive project. It is also a good way to hang safety clothing and gear to keep them off the floor.

Electricity may be essential depending on what type of work you will be doing. If you will require the use of power tools than you will need to install electricity outlets inside your garage. You may only need basic equipment like hand tools, but you will likely still need a light source. Ambient lighting is essential if you are either planning on working in evenings or you will be working dangerous equipment.

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