Pest Infestation Examination

Homeowners that have been invaded by pests always hire professional Wilmington Pest Control experts for effective treatment plans. Pest control experts will make inquiries about the infestations either via phone call or perform an onsite visit to get in-depth degree of the infestation. Carrying out this examination prior to the control process provides adequate knowledge about the infestation itself and the right technique to be used to overcome these small aliens. The technicians need to come to the client’s home prepared with the best treatment plan. A good investigation exhausts all client’s inquiries and complaints. And aids in making a proper quotation for the cost of the control process.

Identification of pests on site

The first question that most pest professionals will ask is the kind of pest infestation in question. Often, the homeowner is better placed to answer this because they are the ones that live in the home. They also are able to show where they live within the premise and or locate where they come from. If the client is not sure of the kind, they should be able to give supporting descriptions using either diagrams, color, size, mobility or anatomy of the pests. Pest control companies have expertise in these pests, so they can easily identify the culprit with few descriptions.

Period of infestation

The customer care personnel or technician must find out, when the pests invaded the premises and how long the infestation has taken. The results to these questions give an idea on most effective treatment plan to be used and what techniques to use to perform a good job.

Size of home

The size of the home or area to be worked on should be discussed .This allows the company to know the appropriate amounts of pesticides adequate for the control process, labor and materials  required, duration of the process and the cost implications for the whole procedure.

Emergency treatments

Which pesticides have you been using so far? Pesticides that have been used before the control procedure should be mentioned to the customer care personnel or technician. Through this, clients are advised on more effective home kits and DIY pest control that work.

Last Fumigation

The client should mention when the last fumigation for the premises was done. Was it legit or not? Were the pests totally eradicated or was it partially eradication? If no fumigation was done at all, it should also be mentioned prior to the control procedure.

Examine neighborhood

Onsite technician should effectively search the premise and the neighborhood at large to verify sources of the pests like drainages with stagnant water, piled wood, shrubs, bushy trees, ant hills, broken windows and ventilation. This aids in a composite quotation for the cost of the control process. Under this investigation, technicians gauge the life cycle of the pests and how to control appropriately.


Damages done by these pests should be identified and prepared for treatment or disposure during this investigation. Totally destroyed pieces should be destroyed or disposed off from the premises to prevent more room for breeding.

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