Properly Grooming Dogs with Long Coats

Regularly and properly grooming your dog is very important if you want to boost the natural look of your dog. However, you should know that dog breeds that have long coats require different grooming than dog breeds with short coats. Grooming is not that hard thing to do if you follow a few steps. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing it at home, you can always take your dog to a professional that will properly groom your dog. A good idea would be to visit a professional first and see how it is done correctly before you do it at home next time.

Steps to Follow

  • The first step in the grooming process is bathing the dog. If your dog has a clean hair then the grooming will go much easier. After bathing your dog, make sure you dry its hair completely before proceeding towards cutting or trimming its hair. You can dry the dog`s hair by using a blow dryer or pin brush, the choice is yours. If you use a blow dryer then always use the low-heat setting in order to avoid burning the skin of your dogs. When you are drying your dog`s hair, it is advisable you start from the back of your dog and then move forward. This is because this type of drying will not make your dog`s hair flat, but it will make it fluffy. Always focus on drying smaller hair sections and after they are completely dry then move upward.

  • As you dry your dog`s hair, you can start combing in order to prevent tangles. Combing while drying will not only prevent tangles from forming, but it will also make your dog`s hair full and fluffy.

  • Next step in the process is the trimming. Start from your dog`s anal area, but be very careful because the skin is very sensitive there. You can use clippers or scissors for this part of the grooming process – the choice is up to you. Besides trimming around this bottom area, some dog owners are also trimming the underbelly area of their dogs. If you want to do this then start from the groin area and go towards the naval.

  • Trimming the area between the paw pads is also important, although it may require some time to do it. However, when you trim this area your dog`s paws will look nice and clean.

  • Next, stand back and check your dog to see how it looks. If there are any long hairs left that stand out, cut them properly so the hair will nicely blend in the entire look. Remember to cut a little bit at a time and then re-check. That way you will prevent cutting too much of your dog`s hair.

  • Final step in the process of grooming is using a quality conditioning spray on your dog`s coat. The coat should be sprayed evenly and after that the coat should be properly brushed. That will ensure the coat of your dog looks nice and shiny.

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