The Health Benefits of Natural Light

It’s common knowledge that the use of natural light in your home can increase your energy and save you money – but what can it do for your body?

Natural lighting (sunlight) boosts the amount of Vitamin D produced in your body – which is important for absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth, especially in young children. Exposing the body to sunlight and increasing your Vitamin D levels can assist in the prevention of certain types of cancer, heart disease, depression and also help treat certain mental disorders as sunlight encourages the release of hormones like serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’, these hormones can help improve your mood and also how clearly we think.

As well as being beneficial to the brain, natural light can also have an impact on your sight, again by releasing hormones (dopamine) in the eye which aids healthy development – this is most beneficial in children and young adults, as their eyes are not yet fully developed.

If you’re a person who struggles to get a good night’s sleep, then exposure to natural light throughout the day can help you massively. Studies by North Carolina’s State University show that the amount of sunlight the brain/body receives throughout the day can have a direct impact on how well you sleep at night. Scientists say that at least half an hour of sunlight exposure in the morning can benefit your slumber the following night. Studies have also shown that patients recovering from surgery have experienced an accelerated recovery process when being exposed to natural light.

Our bodies need a good quantity of light exposure, at the right intensity and at the right time of day, as this is what acts as a cue for our internal body clock. Too much artificial light can affect the timing of hormone releases in our brains and throughout our bodies. This can be detrimental to our health. Artificial lighting can keep our brains awake for longer, leading to low energy levels due to lack/loss of sleep, according to NetDoctor.

Again, due to the release of the ‘happy hormone’ when we are exposed to sunlight, natural light can also increase our motivation levels, allowing us to be more productive with daily tasks – so if you’re one that struggles to stay focused at work, professionals have suggested taking a short walk on breaks, to expose yourself to the natural light outside.

Allowing natural light into your home is key to ensuring you’re able to access the health benefits and Vitamin D from the sunlight. Having large, transparent windows that allow light to beam through can be extremely beneficial, especially if it’s a bright, but cold day outside – as you’re not going to want to longue in the garden. Considering bi-folding doors, which can be manufactured and installed to meet your own needs by Clear View Bi-folding Doors, leading manufacturers in all glass doors and windows.

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