Warren Buffett Company Debuts Line of Green Prefab Homes

Warren Buffett isn’t the world’s second richest man for nothing. He has an unsurpassed knack for picking good companies in strong industries at the right price. Most things he’s touched have turned into gold. So it’s exciting to see that a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary called Clayton Homes has just launched a line of green prefab homes (called the i-house) that start at under $75,000 (or about $105 / square foot) excluding site costs and shipping. Clayton Homes is one of the largest manufactured housing companies in the world, having produced over 1.5 million units since 1934. They’ll clearly get the manufacturing, financing and logistics right, but can they deliver the amenities, materials and compelling designs that prospective green homeowners have come to expect from green prefab?

The first models are quite promising. Even the base version comes with a lengthy list of standard green features, including:

  • Well insulated exterior walls, floor and roof (R-21, R-30 and R-30 respectively)
  • Andersen low-e windows
  • Metal roof designed for rainwater collection
  • No-VOC paint
  • High efficiency heat pump
  • Dual-flush toilets

If that’s not green enough for you, then you can pick from a long list of sustainable options that includes:

  • Two to four kilowatts of solar PV panels;
  • Bamboo flooring;
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Energy Star appliances

You obviously won’t get a LEED Platinum rating on your new i-house, but you will get a very low-energy and reasonably green home at a great price point.

The i-house website has an easy-to-use configurator that allows you to create a customized home and view pricing for options and delivery in your area.

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