Wedding Décor Ideas that You Can Use in Your Home

Everyone has attended at least one wedding where the color scheme and the décor choices have raised some questions. (There are always trends when it comes to weddings, but some are better than others.) Even if they haven’t been too whimsical, outlandish, or mismatched, the style may have caused you to wonder how the décor would ever be used for anything else again. While there’s nothing that says you have to make your wedding décor reusable, it’s a good idea.

Not only can it save you money, be better for the environment, and go a lot further than it otherwise would, reusing your décor gives you some decorations that you automatically have to start your new life with—décor that comes with wonderful, beautiful meaning and memories. So before you start matching your centerpieces to your Pinterest board of blue plus size wedding dresses, you might want to consider whether you’ll want those things to be stored in your home later. While you shouldn’t change your wedding colors to match your home décor, you might want to consider style and color before making the final decision since reusable décor is the best kind.

Need ideas? Here are a few wedding décor ideas that can easily be reused:

Chalkboard Signs

Some may feel that chalkboard signs are more of a trend than anything, but it looks like they may be here to stay, making them a great wedding decoration and a great addition to your home décor as well. At your wedding, you can use chalkboard signs to list menu or drink items, direct guests to different areas of the venue, give instructions, or to display a sweet quote or your names in cursive. Whatever you use chalkboard signs for, there’s use for them in your home afterward, too.

Chalkboard signs fit well with nearly every décor style from farmhouse to modern, and it seems that no matter what style you have in your home, you can make them work. From using them in the kitchen as a menu board or using them in the living room on the mantle to hold seasonal quotes, there are plenty of ways that you can use chalkboards both at your wedding and throughout your home.


Vases are a classic, beautiful décor item that works perfectly for both wedding and home décor. Whether you use clear vases, colored vases, ceramic vases, or glass vases, there are plenty of ways you can use them on your big day and then again later when setting up your new home. For your wedding, they can be filled with everything from beads to fruit or can hold flowers. At home, you can use them as table centerpieces, candle holders, bookends, or anything else you can imagine.

Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are starting to seem like the new mason jars—cute, versatile, and used for everything. Whether you and your fiancé are wine lovers with plenty of bottles you can save up for the big day, or want to incorporate them and have asked family and friends to hang on to them, there are a lot of ways that you can repurpose used wine bottles and turn them into décor. From turning them into lighting fixtures to using them as vases or candle holders, there’s a place for them at your wedding and then in your home after the big day is over.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are wonderful décor items that add to any space, even if the frames are left empty. At your wedding, you can use an eclectic collection of frames to house photos of you and your new spouse and display them for everyone to see, then you can put them up on your wall with the same photos or empty them and use them to add texture to your walls. If you prefer, you could use a set of uniform frames at your wedding to display table numbers, then fill them with your favorite photos and use them to create a gallery wall in your home after the reception. No matter what you do, there are plenty of ways to use photo frames both at your wedding and in your home.


Fresh flowers can liven up any space, and since you’ll likely have plenty at your wedding, it’s a great idea to take them home and keep them alive as long as possible to help you remember what a beautiful day your wedding was. If you choose to use fake flowers, there are plenty of ways to incorporate those into your home décor after the big day. Whether you create an everlasting centerpiece for your table or break out your bouquet and put pieces of it in vases throughout your home, on shelves, and in different rooms, flowers are always a versatile décor option. There are plenty of ways to reuse your wedding day flowers at home.


Mirrors can not only help you ensure that you’re looking perfect all day on your big day, but they also reflect light, making small spaces seem bigger and adding a unique perspective to any wedding reception. Even after the big day, though, you can use them for the same thing in your home, making the space look and feel bigger and adding depth and character to corners and walls. Whether you use small mirrors or go for some that are large and decorative, there’s a place for them at both your wedding and in your new house.

Final Thoughts

Wedding décor is sometimes very specific to the event, but it doesn’t always have to be. While you shouldn’t plan your wedding décor around the decorations in your home or plan your home décor around your wedding, giving your décor a bit of extra thought may make it possible to reuse and include it in your home as a wonderful reminder of your special day.

Which décor do you plan to reuse in your own home?

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