Determining the Best LED Downlight Before Buying One

LED downlights are now becoming a popular choice because they are safer, more efficient and they last longer. They come in different sizes and colours. If you are using them at home or for industrial purposes, here are some points to take into consideration to ensure you will have the best option.

LED colour temperature should be 2700k

If you are buying one for your house, the usual warm and ambient feeling must be felt just like when halogen or incandescent lights are used. This effect can be attained only when using a downlight with a temperature of 2700K. It is also referred to as a warm white colour.

The CRI should be 95+

The CRI or Colour Rendering Index will determine the light’s quality. It measures how well the source of light can reproduce the real balanced colour of the actual items being illuminated. For instance, if you are using the lights to highlight a piece of furniture which is brown in colour, a high CRI score would bring out the best in it. The most common index score is 80 and this is just fine for home use. However, if used for larger areas, it should be no less than 95.

Lifespan guarantee

A quality LED light can last up to 50,000 hours. The LED downlight should last the same amount of time. The key is to buy an entire LED lamp and not just the LED chip. This helps prevent possible lamp failure.

Find one with great heat dissipation

One of the issues when using a downlight is that it has to stay on for a long period of time. This could be a potential fire hazard. The good thing with an LED is that it is not as huge of a threat as other types of lights. However, even with an LED, you need to be careful in your selection. There are cheaper LED lights but they won’t last as long as the high quality ones. You need to consider how well heat dissipation is dealt with, so it won’t pose any threat.

Aside from these points, you also have to take into consideration the brand and the store where you are buying the lights. You can only trust the store to sell quality and authentic downlights if they are a reputable company. You need not search in local stores; you can order them online. There are online stores like that could provide you with high quality lights and have them delivered straight to your place. You can count on the same store in the future for LED lights should you decide to buy more.


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