Five Budget-Friendly Tips to Use on Your Next Landscaping Project

Landscaping projects can do absolute wonders for the curb appeal of your home. Not only that but it can make your outdoor space more useable and functional depending on the project. Unfortunately landscaping projects can also be quite pricey, causing many homeowners to put it off. So before you just assume you can’t afford to take on a landscaping project you may want to check out these five budget-friendly tips.

Start With a Budget

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on a budget that you feel comfortable with. It’s a good idea to set this budget before you start the project so you don’t feel swayed into over-spending. Of course keeping a budget will also help, and by that it means writing down all expenses as they happen so you know where you sit in terms of the budget.

Get Quotes from Landscaping Professionals

The next step will be to find a professional landscaping company that can do the job you want within the budget that suits you. By using a professional, you will ensure the job is done correctly from the start and much faster than you could do it yourself. When you attempt these projects on your own, often you can end up spending more money in the long-run since you may buy the wrong materials, buy too much, need to replace items if you’ve made a mistake, etc.

Look for Deals on Greenery

While you may not think that there are deals to be found on the actual greenery (plants, shrubs, and trees) that you pick, in reality there are plenty. You can significantly cut back on the total price of your project by comparing prices and waiting for deals to come up.

Sometimes it may also be necessary to pick other items to plant that are local and more cost-effective. Picking local items mean they will do better in your climate anyway, so you’ll have better success in the long-run. Trees tend to be the most expensive item you’ll plant, so look for cheaper types such as evergreens.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Fill Every Space

When you are planting a garden from scratch, it can be tempting to want to fill every available space. There are a couple of problems with this mentality. First, it’s expensive to fill every single spot, second, there is no need. Whatever you plant will grow and fill out, which means you need to leave space to allow it to happen.

From an aesthetic standpoint, a garden also looks much neater and more cared for when there is a bit of empty space. Once things are touching each other, it tends to look overgrown and not cared for.

No Need to Do It All at Once

The final tip is to approach your landscaping project a little at a time. You can add to it each year as the budget allows and view it more as an on-going process rather than a one-time deal.

Landscaping Projects Are Possible Even on a Budget

Just because you are working within a strict budget doesn’t mean that you have to rule a landscaping project out of the equation. All it means is that you need to be smart about how and where you spend your money.

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