Four Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them

The hottest months of the year are upon us. As temps stay sweltering, your air conditioner runs more frequently to keep your home cool. Unfortunately, problems also arise with constant use especially if your unit is older or hasn’t been properly maintained. Fixing these common problems faster can keep you cooler longer until that cool breeze of Fall swings in.

Leaking Unit

Leaks can happen in both the coolant and drainage pipes. Leaking air conditioners can cause a host of problems beyond a lack of cool air. Fixing these problems with the experience of air conditioning companies in Valrico can help save you from the heat. Waiting to fix a leak can be a costly mistake. Not only can leaking refrigerant freeze the coils preventing proper airflow into the home, but water and coolant leaks can also damage other areas of the system. Catching leaks early is possible with regular maintenance including a pre-summer check-up of the system.

Obstructed Ventilation

Leaks are not the only problem with ac units failing to cool properly. Dirty ac filters, registers and return vents can block the cool air from circulating within the home. Reusable filters should be cleaned or disposable filters replaced at least every three months to allow proper air circulation. Open registers allow for the air to move into a room, but not if they are closed. Keep the area around the outdoor unit free of debris, plants and other objects that can obstruct the unit from getting necessary air to condense into cooler air pumped into the home.

Won’t Start

Probably the worst sound in the world during a hot day is when the ac unit refuses to turn on at all. The problem may be as simple as the electrical breaker tripped. First, check the electrical panel to see if that’s the case. Dust beneath the cover of the unit may prevent the unit from running. An improperly functioning thermostat can cause the unit not to click on because it doesn’t know that it needs to. A licensed technician should be called if these don’t fix the problem.

Working Improperly

An inconsistently running unit fails to keep you cool as the temps crank up outside. A unit that runs more than it needs to costs you more money in energy usage but could also indicate a problem with the system. The outdoor condenser unit may need a good cleaning. Check all doors and windows for escaping air. In the event nothing is helping your unit cool the home, it is time to call in a professional.

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