How to create a bat-friendly garden

While they’re not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, bats are a great addition to any garden environment. As the weather starts to get warmer again in spring and the evenings stay lighter for longer, there’s nothing more relaxing than looking up at the sky and seeing these animals flitting about the sky doing their best acrobatic routines.

You may not have even realised that bats are residing so close to your home and garden – and you’re not alone. If you’re looking to up your chances of catching a glimpse of these amazing creatures from the comfort of your rattan garden furniture here are just some of the ways in which you can encourage them to visit your outdoor space.

Attract Food Sources

Many people may find the idea of leaving food in their gardens off-putting, as it can encourage animals to come in and scavenge for food.

However, bats don’t need physical food to be left out for them. Instead, they prefer to catch their own, as they prefer to eat insects, which is why you will see them flitting across the sky – they’re catching their breakfast!

Attracting the insects that these animals feed on is a sure-fire way to attract them to your garden. Light coloured plants or which attract insects who spend their time awake during the dim light at night is a good place to start.

As many of the insects that bats like to eat are considered pests, it is worth noting that you may have to put up with a few more nibbled leaves than usual. However, it’s important that you don’t resort to using pesticides to keep the populations of pests down – after all, more food for the bats will increase your chances of seeing these fascinating creatures up close!

Compost heaps are also an easy way to attract those bat-baiting bugs, and a great way to help your garden grow, too!

Water Features

If you are lucky enough to have a little more space on your hands, adding a pond or area of water to your garden will attract mayflies and other water-loving insects which that bats love to eat,

This way, you’ll be able to get an even closer look at mr bat while he swoops and glides over your pond, hoovering up all his favourite treats!

Give them a place to shelter

While it’s hard to imagine a bat tiring and taking a break when seeing them being so enthusiastic in the sky, everyone needs a rest now and then.

Bat boxes are an obvious choice. These are specifically designed to shelter the bats and keep them safe while they grab 40 winks. These should be placed high off the ground, either in a tree or attached to a sturdy wall. Bats also love warmth, so try to place the boxes in a south-westerly position so that they can stay toasty and warm.

Bats don’t need these boxes to be attracted to your garden though and can often find their own hidey places should they need.

Sharing your garden with nature is something that we wish everyone could experience – will you make a home for nature in yours?

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