Plastic or Metal Enclosures? Why the Former Is Best for Most Electronic Devices

When it comes to building electronic devices, keeping their fragile inner circuity safe often takes precedence over just about anything else. However, accomplishing this isn’t as obvious as it seems. While you can certainly cover it with a quality enclosure in order to make sure that it’s kept safe and sound, the question of which material to use is still an important one.

Generally, when you think of enclosures for electronic devices there are two types to choose from. The first and most common is often the metal type of enclosure. The second type is a material that is slowly gaining some traction, which is the plastic enclosure. While both certainly have their benefits, knowing which is best for your device is very important. While it might seem like metal enclosures are the clear winner, there are many advantages that plastic brings to the table as well, enough that it edges out the competition.

Why choose plastic over metal enclosures?

Keeping inner circuitry safe means making sure that nothing compromises it. Unfortunately, metal by nature is magnetic. This can cause some problems when it’s put into certain types of environments and it could eventually lead to your electronic device breaking down. Plastic has the clear advantage here because it has no way of affecting the circuitry within. Remember that electronic devices depend on these enclosures, and that the material used shouldn’t be a liability. While metal certainly gets the job done, there is always a small possibility of something catastrophic happening because of its magnetic nature.

Plastic is lightweight and durable

Another great reason why plastic should be the material of choice is the fact that it’s both lightweight and durable. It can handle most rough situations, and while it certainly isn’t quite as durable as metal enclosures, it’s hardy enough that it can get the job done. The fact that it’s lightweight means that there won’t be any trouble carrying your device around – especially if it’s the type of electronic device that needs to be carried around by hand. As an added benefit, plastic is definitely the best choice for handheld devices as well. If you drop a plastic-encased one by accident, there’s far less chance of damaging the circuitry within.

To conclude, one of the best reasons why plastic enclosures are superior over the competition is because they’re even more affordable than their metal counterparts. This means that not only do you get a flexible and lightweight material for your electronics, but you can also get it at a great price. Check out It is just one of many websites that can provide you with quality enclosures, so you don’t have to worry about where to look.


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