Types of Pests in Hotels and Lodgings and similar property

There can be a massive invasion of several kinds of pests in hotels, lodging facilities, and resorts. The main reason for such invasions is the fact that there are continuous entry and exit of guests, deliveries, and employees. As a result, the property is exposed to major pest problems.

Surprisingly, pests enter properties in the same way as the guests. The difference is that the pest crawls or fly instead of walking.


Moreover, if there is a trash pen or dumpster in the same area, the problems with flies, birds, rats, and mice will increase. To prevent such problems, make sure that the dock or delivery doors are closed most of the time when not in use. Talk to the best pest exterminator service providers in your area and ask them the best way to control such severe pest problems.


Also, guests will unknowingly always make way for pests to enter your property. It is your responsibility to conduct inspections regularly. Train your maintenance and housekeeping staff in such a way that they can identify the common pets while daily cleaning. It is also important that you maintain cordial relations with the pest control workers so that they attend your calls earnestly.


Common types of pests


The following are the most common pests that attack hotels and lodging properties:


  1. Rodents


Rodents, for example, rats and mice are reportedly the major-most issues as per 1/3rd of the hotels. Therefore, lodge and hotel authorities should shift their main focus towards rodent control. Till last year, mouse populations have increased in several areas. The central USA faces attacks by another rat species called a roof rat.


  1. Bed bugs


You already know and it is needless saying that bedbugs are the most stubborn pests that we find in resorts, hotels, and similar hospitality properties. Bed bugs trigger panic all around as they are hard to predict. You must pre-plan your actions before there is an attack of bed bugs.

You must train all your employees to know when to raise an alarm and whom to inform such issues. The staff must talk to guests politely when they complain about these pests and also try to explain to them about your initiatives.


  1. Spiders


Spiders are arguably the second-largest in population when we are talking about pests in hotels and resorts. You will often see spiders hanging somewhere from the corners of the common rooms or guest suites too. Make sure that your housekeeping staff cleans even the smallest corners of your hotel. Also, raise an alarm immediately to prevent anyone from getting a panic attack. A lot of people are extremely scared of spiders.


  1. Cockroaches


The cockroaches generally roam around in the break rooms and kitchens where they are most likely to find food bits. Although hotels and restaurants nowadays, know the value of packaging well, cockroaches are really smart. While your housekeeping staff is at work, specify that they must put extra effort into these rooms.


Final thoughts


Pest control is an inevitable task that you must not ignore. A clean and hygienic business property means you will welcome more guests. As a result, you will become a trusted name within customers.


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