What is the best whole house water filter?

Have you been looking for a whole house water filter for your home? Look no further. Sweetwater’s Urban Defender is the water filter for you. Designed by ecologist James McMahon, it is blowing the competitors out of the water game. Each product is custom built, designed and modified to your personal needs and water supply to ensure you’re getting the best possible quality and product. Providing a range to choose from to suit anyone and everyone’s household needs, this surely is the best whole house water filter.

The Urban Defender is a Downflow system which allows water to pass down the filter and through 55 lbs of carbon chips, clearing contaminants efficiently and effectively. It is also created with an automatic weekly internal backwash, meaning the carbon inside the filter will shift for full surface coverage when water passes through, ensuring the optimal filtration of the water. This keeps the water filter as effectual as the day it’s installed throughout its estimated life expectancy of 5-7 years- it’s also designed to be reusable, so at the end of that time, a simple purchase of the Activated Carbon replacement media in the Urban Defender means that you can continue filtering your home’s water for another 5-7 years without the hassle of having to buy a completely new system. Being able to choose how to personalize the Urban Defender also puts it at the top of the list of the best whole house water filters, as you can pick between chloramine removal or chlorine removal depending on your water supply and household needs. There are also add on filters available for independent needs, such as a fluoride filter. Both larger and smaller versions are available, meaning any household would be able to invest and get the best results no matter their water usage or home size.

Whole water house filters are also incredibly environmentally healthy. Water is the number one bottled drink sold in the US, and yet only 27% of plastic bottles were recycled this year. A water filter will help achieve whole house protection from the chemicals in municipal water, and therefore decreasing the need for bottled water. Less bottled water will also mean less petroleum consumption if you consider the transporting of bottled water and the power needed to cool them. This decrease in water bottles will dramatically lower the amount of plastic waste produced every year, decrease your carbon footprint and help to reduce the amount of plastic bought and therefore thrown away in the U.S.

Overall, whole house water filters are the environmentally friendly step that we should all consider taking. The Urban Defender matches products up to three times its cost, designed for minimal maintenance costs, reasonable upfront costs and maximum effectiveness to provide you with clean, healthy drinking water out of every faucet of your home.

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