What you need in your home office

If you are an office worker, it’s highly possible that due to the COVID pandemic you haven’t seen your office too frequently in the last months (well, it’s actually moving rather rapidly to ‘years’). Due to the ubiquitous trend of staying remotely in most companies around the world, it may turn out that you won’t come back to the office for a very long time or even never again. Therefore, it is worth ensuring maximum comfort when working at home office and ensuring access to all necessary accessories. What will be useful for you while working remotely? Check out out list and get yourself the most important home office equipment!

1. Desk

One of the most important home office equipment pieces is a desk, where you can set your computer and work in general. Whether you choose the standard desk or a standing one, it’s up to you. The most important thing you should look at is the size and height (or possibility to adjust it): make sure all of your work belongings will fit on the desk and that you can work comfortably on it. This way you will stay efficient and avoid any sort of body pain during long working hours.

2. Chair

Another thing that is crucial when working from home (or the company’s office) is a good, comfortable chair. Make sure that the shape of it is ergonomic: it will allow you to stay comfortable at all times. Possibility to adjust as many settings of the chair as possible is also an advantage: after all, you never know whether you won’t change the desk, gain or loose weight etc. Office chair allowing you to set it up for yourself will serve you way longer!

3. Coffee maker!

Can you imagine your day at work without a cup of hot coffee? We definitely can’t! While at the office, there are usually coffee machines, you might not have it at home. We strongly suggest you to get one: there is nothing better than a smell of freshly brewed coffee at the start of your working day.

4. Headphones

Among all the home office supplies you probably should get a set of headphones with a microphone. Most of the companies hold at least one online meeting a week, so the headphones will come in handy in no time. Make sure your employer isn’t providing you with one: this is a common practice in most of the companies.

5. Office supplies

There are things, which we don’t think about while working at the stationery office: the supplies. They are just there, stored safely in some place and that’s it. If you need a pen (or any other sort of office supplies), you just get it from a worker responsible for providing those. However, it’s not that simple when working from home. Remember to get some pencils, a calendar if you use one, some markers, stapler, binders and anything else that comes to your mind, that you used at your stationery office. Most of the important home office supplies can be found here. If you forget to order something, you can always buy it later!

Keep in mind, that the list covers only the most basic supplies, which are important for most of the employees. However, if your tasks are slightly different than the regular ones, you might want to get some other equipment.

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